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Peters Surgical’s Motin catheters are widely used by ICUs services

« Péters Surgical has increased its production of Motin catheters [..] from 7,000 to 50,000 units per day. » Motin Catheters are particularly requested by hospitals to treat COVID-19 patients. The article from “L’Usine Nouvelle describes how teams effort is organized within Péters Surgical to help caregivers during this COVID-19 crisis.

With the COVID-19 pandemic that affects us all around the world, Péters Surgical is organizing to contribute, alongside with clinicians, to the patients care, especially the one infected with COVID-19 suffering from acute respiratory distress syndrome.

Péters Surgical is indeed, increasing its production of endotracheal tubes with protective sheath. Used for the aspirations of bronchial secretions in ICU, those endotracheal tubes, thanks to their protective sheath, reduces cross-contamination and infections during handling for both patient and clinician.

COMMITED to all healthcare professionals !



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