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Advanced courses in Mitral Valve Repair – Peters Academy Webinar

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Peters Surgical was pleased to facilitate an exclusive webinar moderated by Prof. Jean-François Obadia on May 6th, 2021 for cardiac surgeons, about the following topic : Advanced courses in Mitral Valve Repair

Several topics related to Mitral Valve Repair will be presented :
⏩ Innovative approach for rheumatic and non- rheumatic mitral valve repair 🩺Prof. Pr Taweesak Chotivatanapong (Thailand)
⏩ Type of valvulopathies and Repair Technics in India 🩺 Dr Vijit K Cherian (India)
⏩ MIS approaches: peripheric cannulations and classical repairs 🩺Prof Jean-François Obadia / Dr Daniel Grinberg (France)
⏩ MIS approaches: Complex repairs 🩺 Prof. Doenst (Germany)

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