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For more than 20 years, Peters Surgical’s R&D teams work with surgeons to support them in urogynecological surgical procedures. Innovation capacity and technological vision of these two parts have led the development of numerous patented products, daily used in urogynecological surgery in operating theaters.

Surgical practice is in constant evolution, Péters Surgical develops a specific portfolio dedicated to urogynecological surgery which includes uterine manipulators, organ implants and suspensors, surgical glue and minimally invasive instrumentation such as trocars, mono/bipolar instrumentation and many other devices.

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T’LIFT® enlarge your OR field

In laparoscopic surgery, T’Lift® is designed to enable organs suspension and anatomical sections presentation during surgery.

Developed with gynaecological surgeons, T’Lift® is designed with a bevelled needle and soft T suspensor to minimized wounds and regulate tension to avoid any trauma.

T’Lift® is a patented solution developed with surgical community and Peters Surgical R&D teams. 

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Scientific Publications & References

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This study aimed to evaluate the safety and efficacy of synthetic surgical glue for mesh fixation compared with suture mesh fixation in VMR.

Assessment of Synthetic Glue for Mesh Attachment in Laparoscopic Sacrocolpexy : A Prospective Multicenter Pilot Study – Dr G. Lamblin, 2017

This study objective is to assess the anatomic efficacy and safety of synthetic glue to fix prosthetic material in laparoscopic sacrocolpopexy.