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Proximal Anastomosis Assist Device

Enclose® II is a reliable and efficient device that saves time in the operating room. It comes with its accessories, providing a complete solution for performing anastomosis during beating heart procedures.

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Enclose® II

  • Enclose® II device is designed to replace partial clamping of the aorta.
  • Can be used during beating heart coronary artery bypass procedures.
  • Enclose® II provides a stable field for the surgeon, minimizing the risk of trauma or aortic wall dissection.
  • With the same device, it is possible to perform up to three anastomoses.

Class IIa medical device for professional surgical use only – CE 2797 BSI – Manufacturer: Vitalitec Inc. – Read the instructions carefully before use.


Discover our Masterclass extract dedicated to Enclose® II, the Proximal Anastomoses Assist Device with Dr. Gianluca Torregrossa & Dr. Joe Sabik.

Capsule 1 – Why using Enclose® II ?