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Peters Surgical Group

Who we are?

Our mission

Because it is essential that all surgeons around the world can offer their patients optimal care conditions, Peters Surgical is committed, through its international presence, to making the “French know-how” a standard of quality in the operating room. Accessible. For all.

A French group,
an international influence

Founded in 1926, Peters Surgical is a French company present in over 90 countries. Today, it is a reference group for surgical practice throughout the world. With its expertise in the design, manufacture and distribution of medical devices, Peters Surgical has chosen to deploy French know-how in all around the world by setting up local support teams and manufacturing plants. Close to the surgical teams, Peters Surgical offers a range of dedicated services to improve surgical practices and provide the best possible care for patients.

The group continues its international deployment while strengthening its presence in Europe. This is a strategic decision to respond to ecological challenges and to position itself as a local partner.

Recognized as an expert in Sutures, Hemostatic Clips and Surgical Glue fields, Peters Surgical collaborates on a daily basis with reference experts to offer a wide range of surgical devices.

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Open with Care. Close for Life.

Our motto is the perfect reflection of why we believe in it. It’s an obvious, simple and human promise that salutes the men and women who use our medical devices and save lives. It’s also a commitment to the needs of healthcare systems and patients, in order to think about the care of today and tomorrow.

Open with Care. 3 words to reflect all our surgical expertise and the ability of our products to accompany the expert hands of surgeons in caring for patients. It is also a way of revealing the company’s desire to help healthcare professionals open up to new horizons, with complete confidence.

Close for Life. Staying close & having the ability to “close”; a double meaning in the service of Life. Being as close as possible to healthcare professionals and our partners is a leitmotiv on which Peters Surgical’s deployment strategy is built. We are convinced that this choice of proximity is a determining factor in meeting all needs. Similarly, in the context of surgery, our medical devices have proven their effectiveness in closing vessels and breaches, stopping bleeding and closing surgical wounds in complete safety. This is our core business.

A strong presence in the French territory

With its headquarters located in the Paris and its historical plant located in Domalain (near Rennes in France), Peters Surgical keeps its French expertise. Created in 1997, the plant has continued to evolve and specialize in the production of medical devices dedicated to surgical teams worldwide. Producing hemostatic clips, one of the group’s main ranges, the plant then developed the production of surgical glue, another strategic range for the group’s activities. Domalain workplace employs around 40 people, making Peters Surgical one of the leading industrial employers in the Vitré-Community.

The group began its international deployment with the opening of an industrial site specialized in the production of sutures based in Thailand. Having benefited from modernization work, the site, managed by a French executive team, meets the group’s requirements: French know-how and quality.

Peters Surgical then continued its deployment in order to meet the various local specificities by acquiring 4 new plants : in India, in Algeria and two sites in Germany. These are the best locations to reach the different world hubs and cover the needs of health professionals and patients. And all this while respecting the group’s values, including proximity.

Corporate Social Responsibility at the heart of the group.

Peters Surgical’s CSR actions in social, humanitarian and environmental fields are based on the individual commitment and values shared by all the group’s employees worldwide.

As a French company present on international markets, we are committed to calculating the greenhouse gas emissions of all our sites and we regularly monitor progress indicators. This environmental commitment is also reflected in the various structures : limiting waste and reducing energy consumption are priority concerns for the entire group.

Diversity and equality within the teams and partners have long been a driving force behind our HR policy. We are committed to ensuring equal opportunities and integrate many young graduates on our different sites.

In addition, Peters Surgical raises awareness among its internal teams about causes such as Pink October, Movember or even World Planet, Climate, Environment or Recycling Days.

Peters Surgical’s commitments do not stop : since 2010, the group has been a partner of La Chaine de l’Espoir, an international NGO supporting disadvantaged children. Sharing common values, the group is happy to support the 2024 Olympic Games in Paris by becoming a partner of the fencer Charlotte Lembach.


With more than 650 employees spread over 10 sites around the world, Peters Surgical is a French group with an international presence to meet the specific needs of each region, provide local support and give access to its medical devices under the best conditions.

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Our History
The family heritage of a visionary man

Peters Surgical is a French family business, founded in 1926 by Mr. Péters (father) and developed by his two sons (R&D and probe production engineers). The company first produced probes and then turned to surgical sutures.

Professor Alain Carpentier, the support of a leading surgeon

The company made history by collaborating for nearly 10 years with Professor Alain Carpentier, known as the modern father of mitral valve repair, with whom the company developed a full range of cardiovascular sutures.

The beginnings of an international company

With the entry in Eurazeo PME’s capital, Peters Surgical is supported in its evolution from a family business to a mid-sized company with an international scope.
Thus, in 5 years, the company has acquired :

  • • Stericat (sutures)
  • • Vitalitec (clips)
  • • Fimed (surgical glue)
  • • Surgical ioc (mesh)
  • • Vectec (laparoscopy)
A new face for new ambitions

The arrival of Thierry Herbreteau as CEO marks a major turning point for the group. The implementation of an ambitious strategic plan allows the group to perform on different growth axes: to reinforce the attractiveness of our 5 strategic ranges through a judicious deployment, to continue the development in R&D by filing numerous patents and to strengthen the Regulatory Affairs, Quality and Clinical teams in view of the new medical device regulations.

A strategy refocused on its core business

Peters Surgical is changing its strategy by refocusing on structural and R&D investments around its 3 ranges of expertise: Sutures, Clips and Surgical Glue.

At the same time, the group continues its development by acquiring two new companies: Catgut/TNI (Sutures) and LV2A (Staplers).

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