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Peters Surgical is thrilled to announce a monumental achievement: the obtention of MDR certificates for our latest breakthroughs, Monotime® and Optime® R Absorbable Sutures. With this milestone, our portfolio of class III absorbable sutures is now officially fully MDR certified ! This success is a testament to the unwavering dedication of all our teams around the world.

This certification, under Regulation (EU) 2017/745, represents a significant milestone for Peters Surgical. It attests not only to the compliance of our products with stringent regulatory standards but also to the dedication of our teams over the past years.

The MDR regulation, which came into force in May 2021, sets forth rigorous requirements to ensure the safety and efficacy of medical devices in the European Union. Achieving MDR certification is a testament to a company’s commitment to excellence, and few have attained this distinction.


Here is a summary of our current MDR certifications:


The assessment and certification process involved renowned Notified Bodies, GMED and BSI, for our various product ranges. This achievement underscores Peters Surgical’s commitment to providing high-quality, reliable medical devices that make a difference in patient care.

While this milestone marks a significant step forward, it’s not the end of our journey. Peters Surgical remains committed to maintaining the highest standards of quality, innovation, and sustainability. As we look to the future, we are determined to continue advancing patient care and shaping the future of the Medical Device Industry.

As we celebrate these milestones, we remain steadfast in our pursuit of excellence and look forward to sharing future successes with you. Visit our website to explore our certified range of products and join us on our journey towards a brighter, healthier future :