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Our products

Based on more than 90 years of continuous innovation and medical expertise, Peters Surgical provides state-of-the-art, highly reliable surgical solutions. We are committed to providing excellent products to improve the quality of care and support healthcare professionals in their daily practices.

Design, manufacture and distribute

Peters Surgical is committed, through its international presence, to making “French know-how” a standard of quality in the operating room. Accessible. For all


At the heart of Peters Surgical's experience and know-how, our sutures are the result of a long collaboration with Professor Alain Carpentier. We now offer a wide range of sutures, including absorbable and non-absorbable sutures, braided sutures and needles.


Our unique know-how in clips and appliers for open and laparoscopic surgery is internationally recognized.


A wide range of reusable metal clamps with removable inserts and single use bulldogs.


Safe and comfortable to use, our innovative and patented technology for fixation and hemostasis allows the reduction of operating time.

Other devices

The Legacy range includes the historical Peters Surgical portfolio, today mainly manufactured by our partners, Peters Surgical distributes these products.