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Flexible clamps

Cygnet® clamps capture the world of multiuse and aortic cross clamping. The rigid shaft is designed to enable tunneling and accurate clamp placement. Once properly positioned, the rigid shaft retracts leaving a flexible neck, which can be maneuvered to a location remote of the surgical procedure.

Intrack® Inserts are compatible with both Cygnet flexible clamps and Intrack® clamps. They allow for optimal protection according to user requirements.

Our products

Cygnet® Clamps

  • Flexible surgical clamp : reusable flexible clamp specifically designed for minimal invasive surgery (during CABG procedures)
  • Usability : low profile retractable body.
  • Compatible with Intrack® Inserts ; 4 protections models (atraumatic for the vessel)
  • 28 clamps models (Straight jaw ; angled or curved jaws)
  • 3 jaw lengths : 33, 66 and 86 mm

Class I medical device intended for professional surgical use only – CE mark – Manufacturer: Vitalitec Inc – Read carefully the instructions before use.

Intrack® Inserts

  • Single use removable atraumatic : compatible exclusively with Intrack® clamp or Cygnet® flexible clamp.
  • Designed for temporary occlusion of arteries, veins, or prostheses requiring an external clamp
  • Protection flexibility allows for adaptation to the shape of each clamp (straight, angled, or curved jaws) thanks to a rail fixation.
  • 4 protections models available depending on the desired traction/softness ratio
  • Compatible with 33 mm, 66 mm and 86 mm jaws length

Class IIb medical device intended for professional surgical use only. – CE 2797 BSI – Manufacturer: Vitalitec Inc. – Read carefully the instructions before use.