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BeFix study: Ifabond® efficiency in Hernia Mesh Fixation

More than 600 patients, over an 8-year period of time: a significant study validating definitely our IFABOND® glue in mesh fixation!


Thanks to our collaboration with DUOMED and its Partner ARCHER RESEARCH, a Medical Device CRO (Clinical Research Organization), we’ve been able to conduct a major study1 concerning one main usage of Ifabond® n-hexyl cyanoacrylate surgical glue.

More than 20 million2 inguinal hernias repair are performed every year worldwide, which represents 10 to 15%3 of all general surgical procedures.

One of the main indications of Ifabond® n-hexyl cyanoacrylate glue concerns its use in mesh fixation. This atraumatic mesh fixation technique is currently well spread over our surgeons’ community and has already proven its potential benefits for their patients.

This non-penetrating glue-based technique for mesh fixation results in less acute and early postoperative pain, less chronic postoperative pain, less occurrence of hematoma, and better early postoperative activity levels compared to penetrating fixation methods (like tacks or sutures).

In addition, Ifabond® glue prevent complications such as nerve entrapment, erosion into the bowel and other hollow viscera, formation of dense adhesions and so-called tack hernias.

The surgeons’ assessment score of the intraoperative usability of Ifabond® surgical glue has reached 4,76/5.

The current “Cyanoacrylate mesh fixation for laparoscopic inguinal hernia repair: a prospective multicenter, single-arm study” includes:

  • 613 patients,
  • A period of 8 years, starting in 2012, ending in 2020,
  • 5 Belgian hospitals,
  • Both TAPP (95%) & TEP (5%) techniques,
  • Polypropylene made mesh,

This study supports the safety, reliability, and feasibility of Ifabond® in mesh fixation, leading to greater surgeon and patients’ satisfaction. It has been published in “Surgical Endoscopy”.


Read the full study



  1. Dams, A., Vankeirsbilck, J., Poelmans, S. et al. Cyanoacrylate mesh fixation for laparoscopic inguinal hernia repair: a prospective, multicenter, single-arm study. Surg Endosc 37, 9105–9115 (2023).
  2. Department of Abdominal Surgery, Ziekenhuis Oost- Limburg, Genk, Belgium
  3. Department of General and Abdominal Surgery, Regional Hospital Heilig Hart, Tienen, Belgium