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Non-absorbable sutures

Non-absorbable sutures usages

Non-absorbable sutures are used in a wide variety of surgical procedures and are therefore implanted in different types of tissues at different locations in the body.

Composed of a variety of non-biodegradable materials (natural fibers or synthetic fibers), non-absorbable sutures are indicated for general tissue approximation and/or ligation and also in different surgery types depending on the suture range. They can also be used in cases where the patient has a history of allergic reactions to absorbable sutures or to the fixation of prostheses (for example, defibrillators, prosthetic valves, reinforcement implants, etc.).

Non-absorbable sutures are not digested by the body’s enzymes or hydrolyzed in body tissues. They are ultimately encapsulated or walled off by the body’s fibroblasts.

Peters Surgical non-absorbable sutures

Historically recognized for its cardiovascular sutures, Peters Surgical now offers a wide range of non-absorbable sutures depending on the surgical use:

  • For valve procedures
  • For wound closure and anastomosis
  • For general surgery
  • For ophthalmology
  • For sternum closure


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Valve sutures
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Closure & anastomosis
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General Surgery
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Ophthalmic surgery
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Sternum closure