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Laparoscopic surgery

Peters Surgical Laparoscopic Instruments Range

Peters Surgical will accompany you throughout your laparoscopic procedure.


Laparoscopic Gynecological Surgery Benefits*

  • Reduced procedure time, hospital stay, and time off work
  • Precise surgical procedure thanks to the endoscope
  • More comfortable postoperative outcomes for the patient, as well as a clear aesthetic benefit (vs laparotomy)
  • Reduced risk of infection
  • Decreased risk of peritoneal adhesion


Ellipse line
Ellipse line
Organ and Tissue Suspension System
Ellipse line
Uterine Manipulators
Ellipse line
Suction irrigation system
Ellipse line
Suture Passer

Single-use is essential

  • Constant technical reliability of the device, renewed for each use.
  • Immediate and permanent availability.
  • Prevention of the infectious risks
  • Time saving: Ready-to-Use.
  • No additional costs (sterilization, maintenance, assembly/disassembly)

*CNGOF-Collège National des Gynécologues & Obstétriciens français