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Peters Sutures

For over 50 years, Peters Surgical has manufactured and distributed suture portfolios designed to meet users’ needs during the various stages of major surgical procedures:

Absorbable Sutures

A complete range of Absorbable Sutures, intended to be used in general surgery: 2 braids with rapid (Optime® R) or medium (Optime®) absorption time and 2 monofilaments with medium (Advantime®) or slow (Monotime®) absorption time.

Non-Absorbable Sutures

A versatile portfolio of Non-Absorbable Sutures designed for tissue approximation and/or ligation, during cardiac and vascular surgery (Corolene®, Premio®, Cardioxyl®, Cardioflon® Evolution, Cardionyl®, Acier), ophthalmic surgery (Polypropylen, Nylon, Silk) or general surgery (Filapeau®, Polytresse®, Silk) in particular.

Self-Locking Barbed Sutures

Darvin Loc Self-Locking Barbed Sutures indicated for various surgical procedures where the overlock technique is required in open, laparoscopic and/or robotic surgery: general, bariatric, gynecological, urological, plastic and orthopedic surgery.


A wide choice of needles, made of stainless steel with an alloy from the 300 series allowing adaptation to all types of tissues


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Absorbable sutures
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Non-absorbable sutures
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Barbed Sutures
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Since 1985, Peters Surgical has collaborated extensively with Professor Alain Carpentier in the development of sutures for cardiac surgery. Pr. Carpentier is the founder of the Carmat company which developed the first self-regulating bioprosthetic artificial heart.