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New acquisition

Péters Surgical expands its product ranges and reinforces its position as a specialist in the operating room, with an enlarged product range (including trocars, scissors, endoscopic forceps) for laparoscopic surgery in the field of gynecology, urology and visceral surgery.

Vectec based in the center of France is a company founded in 1997. It designs, manufactures and sells its products in France and in more than 25 countries around the world via a network of distributors. Vectec competitive edge lies in its ability to innovate and its technological fiber.
In addition, Vectec shares with Péters Surgical a model based on developing close relationships with its clients – surgeons and pharmacists in hospitals.

Jean-Marc Chalot, Chairman and CEO of Péters Surgical, stated:
“We are very pleased to announce the acquisition of Vectec, which marks a new step in the development of Péters Surgical. This external growth operation enables Péters Surgical to complete its product offer, while preserving its know-how consistency, and to increase its market strength internationally.



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