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MDR certification for our Class III titanium clips: A triumph of collaboration and collective determination


After two years of challenges and intensive discussions with the authorities and our notified body, Peters Surgical announces that it has obtained MDR certification for its Class III titanium clips – Clips 9 & Clips SLS.


Peters Surgical is now officially MDR certified for its entire range of clips: TITANIUM CLIPS and CLIP APPLIERS: find out more about the products on our website.


More than 33 people at our headquarters in Boulogne-Billancourt and Domalain workplaces, in various departments such as R&D, Manufacturing, Purchasing, Production, Logistics, Quality Assurance, Regulatory Affairs, Quality Control, Clinical Affairs, Marketing and Sales, have made a significant contribution to the success of this project. A huge THANK YOU and CONGRATULATION to everyone.

This success illustrates once again our ability to unite around a common goal and turn obstacles into opportunities! Our collaboration and collective determination have enabled us to achieve our goal. It’s a source of pride that we all share,” says Marie Compagnon-Riobé, Senior Director of Sustainable Development and Regulatory Affairs.