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Péters Surgical at the Snitem Board

During this event, Thierry Herbreteau has been elected at the Snitem board for 2 years with a renewable mandate.


Snitem was set up in 1987 and is the leading professional organization to represent the greater part of the medical device and the Healthcare Information and Communication Technology (Healthcare ICT) industries. It draws together more than 430 companies.

At national level, it is the organization that Ministers’ private staff, public services and Parliament liaise with and refer to.



New Costly Standards for French MedTechs

In its Editorial of 10/11/2020, Le Figaro comes back on the regulatory “tsunami” imposed on the Medtech manufacturers. Several leaders of the DM sector were

Peters Surgical’s New Corporate Video

Distributed in 90 countries, Peters Surgical aims to improve patient’s quality of care by contributing to the success of surgical procedure and developing high-performance medical

Discover Peters Surgical New Logo

Discover our new logo, first vehicle of our new branding, in line with our Corporate Strategy: more dynamic, more innovative and more international.