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Peters Surgical Group & Cousin Medical Group entered a Strategic Partnership

Combining both company expertise and innovation, this alliance is a strategic move for Peters Surgical in order to become a Global Leader in Surgical Mesh Hernia Repair in a highly competitive market.

Becoming the Worldwide Leader in Hernia Surgery

As a mid-size industrial company founded in 1926, Peters Surgical has always played an important part in innovation around the world. Despite a very competitive market and a complex regulatory environment, especially in Europe with the new Medical Device Regulation (MDR), Peters Surgical generates 70% of its revenue internationally and continue its rapid growth that had started in 2018.

Peters Surgical Group has chosen Cousin Medical Group (Cousin Biotech) as a manufacturer as the company meets all its quality and competitiveness requirements and complies with French, European and US regulatory developments.

This alliance aims to “propose to healthcare professionals very high-quality Meshes for Hernia Repair”, said Thierry Herbreteau, CEO of Peters Surgical. “in a highly competitive global market, combining our mutual expertise will allow us to become a worldwide leader in hernia repair surgery.

François Tortel, CEO of Cousin Medical Group, added “This strategic alliance with Peters Surgical, is fully aligned with our ambition which is to propose our solutions at an international level that are based on our unique and recognized know-how in textile materials. I am delighted that we combined the force of two French companies that will contribute to gain a French foothold of our technology and the development of our industrial base“.

Read the Press Release (in French)