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Peters Surgical, partner of the French fencer Charlotte Lembach for the 2024 Olympic Games

For the International Women’s Sports Day, Peters Surgical is pleased to announce its partnership with fencer Charlotte Lembach, for the 2024 Olympic Games in Paris, through the French Performance Pact device of the French Sports Foundation.

Through the French Performance Pact program, the French Sports Foundation aims to promote and finance, throughout France, the training, social and professional integration and retraining of high-level athletes as well as to encourage corporate support for these sports.

As for the French Performance Pact, it is a mechanism that aims to guarantee athletes who are members of the French Olympic and Paralympic teams a decent level of resources so that they can envisage their dual sporting and professional projects with complete peace of mind.

In this context, thanks to the intervention of sponsors, the French Sports Foundation can offer high-level athletes eligible for the Performance Pact scheme both financial support through a grant and a program for their professional integration.

As a French company, we have chosen to support an athlete. Peters Surgical & Charlotte Lembach meeting quickly turned into a partnership to support her in her conquest to win her next medal at the 2024 Olympic Games to be held in Paris.

Find out how we met Charlotte and why we decided to support her in her project, by clicking ( in french) here