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Stericat becomes Péters Surgical India Pvt. Ltd.

Anil Dobhal, Deputy General Manager of Péters Surgical India Pvt. Ltd. gives us his feeling

“Why, my team members and I are so proud to join Groupe Péters Surgical?

Each one of us is proud to be a part of Péters Surgical, a fast growing medical device Co. with global presence and a long history. It is a great feeling to be a part of the 4th largest sutures manufacturing Co.
With this integration, we will have the opportunity to enlarge our product portfolio and promote them widely on the Indian market.
Now the time has come, we will all focus our efforts on building up our skills which includes improving our product knowledge and developing knowledge on several surgical procedures. Attending to as many operating theatre (OT) as we can and learn from Drs and OT’s staff and build strong customer relationships.
I am sure our competitors in India are taking note of us now as a formidable force in the sales. With all of us together, committed and spirited, we will create history in the Indian market.
In the coming days, Péters Surgical will be a significant player in the Indian market. A future that will definitely see exponential profitable and sustainable growth for years to come; a future that will enrich all of our lives and those of our loved ones materially, spiritually and emotionally.
Let’s work for exponential growth and brand building based on solid foundation of Péters Surgical… in India.”

Anil Dobhal



World Health Day 2022

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