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Today, we are celebrating March 18th, World Recycling Day, a day dedicated to raising awareness and promoting good practices in waste sorting and recycling. ♻ Sorting our waste is not just a trivial gesture, it is above all a civic approach that gives our waste the opportunity to have a second life beneficial to our environment.

The recycling balance of our waste at the Boulogne and Domalain sites in 2023 is particularly encouraging. With a total of 12.51 tons of waste recycled on our sites, including 799 kg for Boulogne and 11.71 tons for Domalain, we have taken a significant step towards more sustainable resource management. These efforts have saved 278.9 kgCO2eq, a valuable contribution to reducing our carbon footprint. BRAVO to all who participated in this initiative!

These figures testify to the importance of every individual gesture in preserving our planet. By sorting our waste and favoring recycling, we actively contribute to the preservation of natural resources, the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, and the fight against pollution.

However, it is essential not to slacken our efforts. World Recycling Day is an excellent opportunity to reaffirm our commitment to sorting and recycling, but these practices must become a daily habit. It is crucial to raise further awareness about the importance of reducing waste at the source, reusing as much as possible, and recycling responsibly.

On this symbolic day, let us pledge to intensify our actions for a cleaner and more sustainable future. Together, let’s adopt good habits in waste management because every action counts in building a more environmentally friendly world.